Project Title: 

Collaborators: Noor-Al Zanoon, Victor Kuperman, Gautam Ullal (Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour)

This project aims to tease apart the cognitive and biological drives underlying the charcateristic eye-movement seen when reading a text line.


Project Title: Psychological Reality of Syntactic Movement

Collaborators: Danielle Moed, Victor Kuperman, Ivona Kucerova

This project aims to text experimentally whether English middle and similar constructions involve NP-movement and a change in argument structure. This will be achieved by comparing middle constructions to syntactic types that either share one of the hypothesized transformations with middles (NP-movement and/or change in argument structure) or not. Phase 1 of the project will involve a behavioural experiment to test this theory. Phase 2 will expand my investigation to other types of syntactic complexity and to language that have an explicit linguistics markers of argument structure, e.g, Slavic languages, including Russian.